Write with One Person in Mind

Write with One Person in Mind

When you’re writing your blog posts or things like email newsletters, a great little tip is to “write with one person in mind”.

You can approach this 2 ways:

1) Write with a specific person in mind

This could be someone you know – your mum, sister, friend, boss etc – or someone you simply know of – the industry leading CEO, local supermarket manager, George Clooney etc. Just make sure you picture them reacting to what you’re saying, and keep the blog personal and interesting as a result.

2) Write as though to a single person who represents a type

This is generally a more common approach, with companies having determined who their target audience is likely to be, then devising a persona that they can try to talk to as a result. If you adopt this method, make sure you put yourself in their shoes and try to come up with questions that they’d be asking if you were chatting to them in the bar after work.

The idea behind writing to one person is that you come across as more personable and approachable, thus creating more engaging and readable posts that don’t put people off for being too corporate.

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