Email – the Internet’s Poor Relation?

Email – the Internet’s Poor Relation?

With all the fuss about social media over the last few years, you’d think the original posterboy for the internet – email – would be languishing in poverty somewhere, cradling a bottle of gin and bleating about how good everything used to be for it in the old days.

However, far from it. Email is still one of the most useful and effective means of communicating with your customers and potential customers that you can use – despite what the Social Media Marketers might want to have you believe!

Certainly people spend more time on Facebook and the like nowadays, with inboxes often being regarded as only attracting viagra spam and the like. But actually, there is more business done and more effective communications made via email than there ever could be via social media. Sure, social media is great for instant communication and building up an audience, but my experience suggests that 90%+ of people who become clients will contact you first by email, with quite a few still even using the phone.

So don’t be too quick to write off the value of the internet’s forgotten marketing tool – email is here to stay.

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